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Our firewood comes to you seasoned and split into bags ready to use straight awa


Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs Bulk Bag – £165.00 plus VAT

Kiln Dried Harwood Mixed with Softwood Bulk Bag –  £130.00 plus VAT

Kiln Dried Hardwood Barrow Bag – £50.00 plus VAT

Kiln Dried Hardwood Mixed with Softwood Barrow Bag  – £40.00 plus VAT

FOR CURRENT AVAILABILITY please text Stuart on 07801029508 or email

Hardwood Logs Vented Bulk Bags
Mixed Hardwood/Softwood Logs Bulk Bags

Hardwood Logs Vented Barrow Bag
Mixed Hardwood/Softwood Logs Barrow Bags

Harwood Nets
Mixed Hardwood/Softwood Logs Nets
£100.00 plus VAT  £35.00 plus VAT  Prices from £5.50 plus VAT

Softwood Logs Vented Bulk Bag
Softwood Logs Bulk Bags

Softwood Logs Vented Barrow Bag
Softwood Logs Barrow Bags

Softwood Nets
Softwood Logs
£90.00 plus VAT £30.00 plus VAT Prices from £5.00 plus VAT

Seasoned Firewood:

To season firewood, it must be stacked up off the ground preferably in an airy covered space.

Generally for a period of 1 – 2 years (depending on size and species.)

Well seasoned firewood generally has a moisture content of 20-25%.

Kindling Nets
Kindling Nets

Freshly Cut Firewood:

Freshly cut firewood can be up to 45% water.

 From £4.50 plus VAT