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Our firewood comes to you seasoned and split into bulk bags ready to use straight away.


FOR CURRENT AVAILABILITY please text Stuart on 07801029508 or email

Hardwood Logs Vented Bulk Bags
Mixed Hardwood/Softwood Logs Bulk Bags

Hardwood Logs Vented Barrow Bag
Mixed Hardwood/Softwood Logs Barrow Bags

Harwood Nets
Mixed Hardwood/Softwood Logs Nets
£90.00 plus VAT  £35.00 plus VAT  Prices from £5.00 plus VAT

Softwood Logs Vented Bulk Bag
Softwood Logs Bulk Bags

Softwood Logs Vented Barrow Bag
Softwood Logs Barrow Bags

Softwood Nets
Softwood Logs
£80.00 plus VAT £30.00 plus VAT Prices from £4.50 plus VAT

Seasoned Firewood:

To season firewood, it must be stacked up off the ground preferably in an airy covered space.

Generally for a period of 1 – 2 years (depending on size and species.)

Well seasoned firewood generally has a moisture content of 20-25%.

Kindling Nets
Kindling Nets

Freshly Cut Firewood:

Freshly cut firewood can be up to 45% water.

 From £4.00 plus VAT